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Love looking at her moves. Really nice how her style of bending is looking a bit more unique. Nice defined hand moves. (Gif 6- her hand speed, the way her foot shifts).


The new relationship questions ….

Best part of SNL last night! This lady is a keeper!


Are we talking Mid-chase scene? or Lone wolf not going back kind of thing?


You’ve escaped from the gallows and the sheriff and deputy of that one horse-town are after you. 

Fire - Kasabain (this one builds)

99 Problems - Hugo

Rumble and Sway - Jaime N Commons

Iron- Woodkid (of course)

Annabelle Lee - Sarah Jarosz (might be too slow)

Lonely Boy - The Black Keys

Calamity Song - The Decemberists

Propane Nightmares - Pendulum


well, I tried. this is what happens when I try to explain things in English… I am playing on doing one more Hair tutorial, because many people asked about it.

I am not good enough for doing any anatomy tutorials, so..just this for now.

I forgot to say that the only thing I do to make a difference between guys eyes and girls eyes are eyelashes (well girl can have short too, or very long if she has make up) and guys’ eyebrows are mostly wider, but girls can have wide too, but that’s all kinda obvious isn’t it..?

I planned to draw more ‘just eyes’ floating around, but got many.

I suck in explaining, you are warned XD


Random cartoon feet reference. Again I forget the source but I’ve had these sitting around in a notebook for quite some time…

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My Brave scenery exercise with a few minor edits and a closeup!


Images from the new digital short “Paperman”, scheduled to be released November 2nd before Wreck-It-Ralph.  

“Paperman” is directed by John Kahrs, an animator on The Incredibles and Tangled, and will follow a young office worker as he attempts to garner the attention of a beautiful woman by flying paper air planes across a bustling Manhattan to her office building.  

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So yami and I were talking about Brave and mostly it was cooing over Fergus and Elinor WOW TOP TIER PARENTS A+++ PIXAR

we agreed it would be really cute to see their story when they were young. Yami beat me to fanarting and if you haven’t seen hers already YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT

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