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Regarding the first image, the way I draw the hip area and legs in general is pretty exaggerated, I remove a lot of muscle and curve the bones. The left of each set is more correct if you’re aiming to be more realistic. 

The second image is just how I personally stretch legs into different body types. The third is one of my most generic poses and some feet. I approach the bottoms of the feet the same way I do hands and I make toes by just overlapping the little circles. The fourth image features some attempts at different positions I don’t show as much, an area I still have to work on myself.


I’ve still yet to recover from my recent lethargy, so this was all I could think to do… but I hope this is of at least some use! Sorry! :(

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A super quick trick for drawing draped fabric that my art teacher taught me in high school.

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heads up! I’m going to try to start slowing rolling out my liked art posts, so that I can actually start organizing them into something usable.

EDIT: Also I have to preface this with the fact that these posts start waaayy back when Korra first started so… prepare yourself for that.



Well…HERE IT IS!!!

Reblogging for…because of….It’s Azula, okay?!?

Is it time? Can i bring this back now?


by Chiara Bautista

We are absolutely in love!

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[Gun noises]

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Warm-up sketch. :V

Wonder Woman redesigns are slowly becoming my favorite thing ever.

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leaked footage of thorin in bofa

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